What to do, see

French overseas department Caribbean Sea , in the Caribbean Sea , the Guadeloupe archipelago is presented to you this : Basse Terre side , wild and mountainous , with its rainforest, waterfalls, rivers , beaches volcanic and fields of sugar cane ; across Grande Terre which is renowned for its beautiful sandy beaches , the quiet beauty of turquoise lagoons , but also to his spots popular with surfers …

The island ” beautiful waters ” has more than 50 beaches , some of which are among the finest in the world , dozens of kilometers of cliffs, about 70 waterfalls and rivers, over 100 km of trails in the rainforest walk , and many other places to discover .

The Marina of Saint-François at 1,5 km

International Golf and airfield at 1 km

Beach at 70m

Restaurants at 500 m…

Tourist Office at 1,5 km

The Casino (table games and slot machines) and a nightclub at 2 km…

In the city center of Saint François and at the Marina...

Local market in Guadeloupe

Markets :– Local market every morning, on the Market Square,– Night market on Tuesday evenings from 17h,– Fish market in the fishing port…
Marie Galante in Guadeloupe

Excursions :

– To the islands : Marie Galante – Les Saintes – La Désirade – Petite Terre– Hiking – quad – buggy – 4×4
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Water activities to do in Guadeloupe

Water activities :

sailing, kite surfing, jet skiing , paddle, big game fishing , diving , boat rentals….

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International Golf in Guadeloupe

Other activities :

– Horse Riding

– Golf

– first flight


– Delta wing

– Cycling

– Quad…

A must see

Les Saintes - Caribbean

Les Saintes

(from Saint François)

The Pearl of the Caribbean is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in the world ! Water , landscapes, sea beds, semi- mountainous . … All is pleasing to the eye . Be sure to leave you surprised by the ” movie set ” of the city of Terre-de -Haut appearance , walk around the coast of Pain de Sucre to discover the fauna and flora, and treat yourself a trip to Fort Napoleon to soak up a comprehensive view of the bay and meet iguanas ( rest assured they ‘re pretty cool ) .Good walkers , finally, do not miss the ride of Camel, 309 meters above sea level, with the key to what is certainly the best view on the island.
The crayfish waterfall in Guadeloupe

The cascade crayfish

On the way to the Crossing : The cascade Crayfish is the most visited because the easiest way to access, parking will allow you to park to ask you this nice place in which to spend a few moments to enjoy the freshness .Hardly 1O minutes walk to get to the waterfall, through a pleasant path laid out. We arrive on a small platform where you can see the waterfall without getting wet. If you feel like it , you can even swim … You can also get off the platform , stepping stones ( rolling) , to meet on the banks of the river which flows into the waterfall.
The Guadeloupe carnival - Villa Créoles


This event is the culmination of a year of preparation within very active associations that transcend social and racial divides. However the show is framed and disciplined. It begins and ends at a fixed time . Public balls are rare , except for the closing night of the event. Carnival starts on the Sunday after the Epiphany . The weekends are an opportunity to zouks , test rides during which time the school carnival games with great success. And the party really in full swing during the four days fat
La Soufrière volcano - Guadeloupe

La Soufrière

Soufriere is the burning heart of Guadeloupe. The ” Old Lady” named sulfurous fumaroles that escape , reminding one that this is a volcano in real activity, surrounded by his sisters equally turbulent : Scale , Cistern , Carmichael , etc … La Soufrière is also a huge water tank, whose slopes are 10 to 14 m of precipitation per year. If it inspires fear , the mountain also fascinated by the majesty of her figure and the beauty of its landscapes.
The Cousteau Reserve in Guadeloupe

La réserve Cousteau

Cousteau reserve is a protected marine area formerly located mainly in the town of Boiling and partly on the Pointe -Noire on the coast – by- the-wind on the island Basse-Terre in Guadeloupe . About 400 acres around the Pigeon Islands , beachfront Malendure the area to protect the seabed and restrict fishing . The seabed around the Pigeon Islands include many species of coral, sea fans, brain Neptune , sponges , tropical fish and lobsters and sea turtles. During the months of January and February you can hear them singing humpback whales make their courtship offshore.